Meet Susan

Susan Keane Baker MHA, is the author of Managing Patient Expectations: The Art of Finding & Keeping Loyal Patients. Her book has been ranked #3 on’s list of 100 top sellers in the general medicine category.  With Leslie Bank, she is co-author of “I’m Sorry to Hear That…” Real Life Responses to Patients’ 101 Most Common Complaints About Health Care.

Susan’s most recent books are:

  • Split-Second Kindness – Making a Difference When Time is Limited
  • Higher HCAHPS Scores – The Willing to Recommend Factor
  • Credibility/Likeability Makeover – Skills and Behaviors to Demonstrate Competence and Caring

Susan is an experienced health care professional with seventeen years experience as vice president at New York and Connecticut hospitals. She also directed the quality initiatives program for a national PPO with 19 million members.

Since starting her own company in 1994, Susan has spoken for groups in 48 states. Who are the holdouts? Well, if you know anyone in Alaska or Montana…..

For her communications work, Susan was awarded the General Electric Circle Award and a Life Communicators Award of Excellence. She is a Certified Speaking Professional, the highest earned designation of the speaking profession. Susan is a Commissioner of the Connecticut State Commission on Medicolegal Investigations.

From 2008 – 2011, Susan served as a member of the Board of Examiners for the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award.

Throughout her career, Susan has been pegged a workaholic by friends. The point was proven when she was struck by lightning while traveling to give a presentation. The speech took precedence over a visit to the emergency department. When she’s not traveling, Susan enjoys spending time on the Connecticut River with her husband, George, and children, Jane and Thomas.

Known for providing practical, relevant content in a dynamic and enthusiastic manner, Susan will inspire your staff or association members to implement strategies that result in enhanced job and patient satisfaction.