The Credibility/Likeability Makeover

You may know people who are very talented at the technical aspects of their work. Yet, if singularly focused on the technical task aspects, they may be off the charts in terms of expertise, but lacking in the social skills that inspire trust and loyalty. You may also know people who are amusing to know, but who have difficulty inspiring others to have confidence in their competence. They’re good at what they do, but others don’t see it somehow.

There are specific behaviors you can use to demonstrate your expertise and your likeability. Practitioners who master the credibility/likeability mix enjoy the confidence of their patients and colleagues.

This e-book identifies behaviors, as well as provides worksheets and case scenarios, so you can test your skills alone or with colleagues.

The Credibility/Likeability Makeover is an excellent resource for planning an in-service education workshop. Using the tools provided in the book, you will be able to host an interactive learning experience where participants demonstrate, experience and coach the credibility and likeability behaviors.

Credibility and Likeability Makeover

Cost:  $19.95
Delivered as an e-book