Higher HCAHPS Scores:  The Willing To Recommend Approach

The willingness to recommend (WTR) question on patient satisfaction surveys is a macro-level measure that can feel impossible to influence. Yet to move the dial on your HCAHPS rankings, you need to be concerned about this measure that trumps everything else in terms of meeting and exceeding patient expectations. This text focuses on specific actions senior leaders can implement to enhance patients’ likelihood to recommend. Content will include:

  • Best practices of hospitals with WTR of 90% or more
  • Social media, online reviews
  • Rapid service improvements to create consistent, reliable experiences
  • What you need to stop saying to patients and families
  • The best advocates you’re not watching
  • Effective and ineffective testimonials
  • Who talks, who walks?  Tracking exit, voice and loyalty
  • 11 questions to map out your strategy

In addition to learning from organizations that have achieved the highest willing to recommend scores, you will have at your fingertips specific action items, tasks, exercises and resources.  These tools will make it easy for you to consider how the strategies can be applied to your own organization.

Higher HCAHPS Scores

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