Split Second Kindness – Making a Difference When Time is Limited

Split-Second Kindness is a pocket-size manual of techniques that can be used whenever a healthcare professional has only two minutes to build rapport with a patient. Or one minute. Or thirty seconds. Or even ten seconds.

Split-Second Kindness describes more than one hundred patient-centered, yet time-efficient interactions with patients.

At the end of their careers, most clinicians won’t reflect on the number of tests processed or procedures performed, but on the lives they touched and the differences they made.

Kindness is what brings meaning to even brief relationships.  Split-Second Kindness helps create the memorable patient experiences that change peoples’ lives for the better.

Split-Second Kindness is an ideal Nurses Week or Hospital Week gift for your colleagues.

Split Second Kindness

Cost:  $8.95
Shipping: Free


If you would like to purchase multiple copies, the cost is:

50-100 copies: $7.95 ea
Shipping: Free

101-1000 copies: $6.95 ea
Shipping: Free

1001- 5000 copies: $5.95 ea
Shipping: Free